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Our partners

Our firm is constantly growing,

We've researched the best healthcare professionals you could possibly need.

They all work within the firm or at your home

Our sport and health center




Charles is our osteopath, specialized in the structural field. His approach is based on the mobility of joints and muscles. If everything is moving 100%, you should have zero pain!

His training at The British School of Osteopathy, allowed him to discover osteopathy based on listening and adapting techniques to obtain the best results for each patient.

His professional experiences have led him to deal with high level athletes, from football, martial arts, cycling and triathlon. He regularly works with local sports clubs such as FC Beausoleil or the Tennis Club of Monaco.

+33 6 14 25 44 16

Salim Janati & Walid Zinoun

Sports coaches

Salim and Walid are two exceptional sports coaches.

Motivating, attentive and passionate about sport, they will guide you towards your sporting goals, adapting to your needs and will be able to advise you on posture and nutrition in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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You can find them in their new gym, Atlas Performance in Cap d'Ail

Image de Alexander Redl

Kathy way

Pilates teacher, Delos instructor


Kathy has been a Pilates Coach and Delos Certified Advanced Instructor for over 14 years. Since 2019, she has also taught Total Barre and Garuda.

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His coaching is extremely effective for people of all ages, pre and post-natal, athletes of all levels, and on many neurological and muscular pathologies. Each session is tailored to your needs and abilities.

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It works in the office or at your home

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Our infant and parent health center

Michèle BARROT



Michèle is one of the most recognized osteopaths in France, particularly in the pediatric field.


Her practice of osteopathy offers a gentle, comprehensive and effective approach for each patient she treats.

Many gynecologists, midwives, pediatricians ... regularly call on his expertise to help patients of all ages.

Michèle works on average 4 days a month in Beausoleil.

06 63 09 93 35



Psychomotor therapist, Brazelton

Agnès is our psychometrician specializing in the Brazelton Method.

His interventions aim to provide parents with a maximum of benchmarks and current knowledge while adapting to their particular situation for personalized follow-up. The goal is to allow them to gain confidence to promote a harmonious relationship with their baby and therefore its development.


She offers individualized or small group consultations to support and accompany parents before birth and in the first years of their baby.


She works in collaboration with maternity hospitals, midwives, lactation counselors, pediatricians, gynecologists, and osteopaths in the Antibes sector in Menton.


+33 6 87 61 55 32

Our psychological health center

Sarra Farag

Psychopractor, NLP Therapist


+ 33 6 65 07 08 92

Sarra is a psychopractor specializing in support through NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and brief therapies.


She helps her patients with various difficulties such as: anxiety, depression, psycho trauma, relationship problems, self-confidence, self-assertion, burn-out, internal conflicts, harassment ...

It works to become aware of the brakes, obstacles and difficulties you encounter, help you overcome them in order to optimize your personal achievement.

It will also help you spot repetitive painful situations and find new resources to respond to your needs constructively.

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